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An email to my classmates

when you care enough to send the very best

when you care enough to send the very best

Greetings from Salt Lake City!

I’m hanging out in the hotel today, working on homework. I am thinking of you, friends in Cohort 2, as I take a study break and head out for dinner.

I have yet to read my Catholic colleges chapters, but got through the other readings. I committed myself to carefully read everything assigned for EDL701 for week 4 because I failed in doing that for week 3 and was unable to dig into the topics with Mary in our last class. She deserves better, so I promised myself to read, read, read. I also committed to taking notes on The Chronicle and Inside Higher Ed articles because I am lousy with remembering what I read when we have our Saturday morning chats. My ethics essay is 10 pages long — I really need to edit it, but I don’t feel *too* bad because, Dan, I imagine your essay is twice as long. ha!

I have posted my discussions and selected my citation management tool (citeulike). I have been using it for years so am probably taking the easy way out, but hey, it works for me so why change? I finished reading Glesne ch 7 but haven’t cracked open Patton ch 8. I did lug it all the way out here so will curl up under the patio umbrella with that one tomorrow. I haven’t done my annotated bib yet, but I have some articles saved to review.

I hope you are well and making progress on readings and assignments. It is not easy to fit it all in. I am struggling this week and if it weren’t for my being away from home I would be unable to dedicate this much time to homework today. If you are struggling, don’t feel bad – do what you can, try to push yourself a little but don’t push yourself over the edge.

Be well.
Your pal, Carrie