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See one, do one, teach one. Is MOOC for me?

I had an epiphany this morning as I was out hiking before I started my work day.  All the research and work I have done in professional learning networks has prepared me for MOOC.

The highered battle for the title of king-of-MOOC-mountain rages on and for the most part, I have been ignoring it. However, recently I found myself joking around with friends about MOOC-mayhem, and that conversation has been replaying itself in my head. There *is* something there. What is it?

In grad school, I developed an online learning network for medical professionals (with a curriculum and everything!). My full time job is supporting people who teach using educational technology. I teach using online educational software as an adjunct professor. This past spring I participated in Google’s Power Searching course and enjoyed the experience. I finally see the connection between my grad school work and everything else I am doing today … and MOOC.

Yeah, I know. What took so long?

I am an early adopter, but I’m not a bandwagon jumper-on’er. I have been waiting for MOOC to enter my realm in a meaningful way, rather than dive in without a purpose. During my hike this morning, when this awareness of applicable skills and knowledge and a purpose become clear, I formulated a plan, hoofed it home, then sat down and started sketching it out. I can take advantage of lessons learned so publicly shared in MOOC participant blogs and work to make them better. I see urgency but no rush – I have time to engage in one or more MOOC to gain the participant perspective. I have colleagues to help – my strength is as a behind the scenes leader so I aim to focus on the mechanics of running a course. I have ideas – more than one topic or subject to explore and plenty of experts in my network to work with. I think this is an area where instructional design is an asset – to become good at MOOC development then teach others to be good at delivering MOOC.

I am excited – finally, honestly, truly excited – about MOOC. Let’s get to work!