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Unofficial official acceptance

Last month I posted a summary of recent activities which included having identified a doctoral program that felt good and felt right and that I applied for the program at the end of May.

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Yesterday I received an email from the program director saying I had been accepted and would soon receive an official letter and a packet of (money) information for the program which will start for me this fall. I like things to be formalized before I share news, but after I didn’t get the letter in the mail yesterday, and today being a holiday, I told my husband after dinner last night. “All right!”, he said, lifting his palm for a hi-5. “See you in four years”, he said solemnly. ‘Three years,” I replied, returning the hi-5 but with equal solemnity. Three years of intensive study. Three years of work after work, on weekends and all season long, every season. Le sigh.

When talking about goals and what my plans are, my closest friends laugh when I say “I just want to be Dr Carrie” and others nod in understanding when I say “It’s my Everest”. I have not second guessed my course of study and still find articles and regularly have discussions on my topic of focus. I consider myself lucky to have a vision, an idea, that other people see and can respond to. When I interviewed for the program the one-hour meeting went nearly two hours as we discussed, debated and dissected my idea. I can’t wait to get started!

It is the Fourth of July today. I insisted we do something today, even though it is unbearably hot and humid out there, so we’re going to a cookout in the western part of the state, at the home of someone we hardly know. I know myself and would likely mow the lawn and then hunker down at the computer all day if we don’t get out of here. So away we go, for burgers, beers and barely-friends. I will be quietly celebrating my unofficial official acceptance and be thinking that three years from now I might introduce us as “Dr. and Mr.” at some function we go to.  : D