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Change is good

Dear family, friends, colleagues-

I have been in academia for over 12 years and have worked with many different groups – students and teachers in K-12, students and faculty in higher education, support staff, librarians, technologists and IT nerds. This work, along with professional involvement with AAIM, AAMC, EDUCAUSE and NERCOMP and my grad school studies, have been leading up to something big and that big something has been discovered.

Recently, I accepted an offer to work with Instructure, Inc., the company who developed Canvas, a groundbreaking new learning management system.

Instructure is based in Utah, but I will remain in central New England, close to you and all of our colleagues and friends. I am thrilled to be a part of the Instructure community and tremendously grateful to be able to continue working with you and everyone I have come to know in higher education over the past few years.

I will finish work at Brown University in early August to begin this exciting new adventure. Stay tuned for more info.


Learn more about Instructure, Inc and Canvas: