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What I could blog about (but haven’t)

My name is Carrie and it has been 2 months since my last blog post.

When I started this blog I fully planned on blogging regularly and felt ready to generate new ideas and topics once or twice per month. Well, I have been generating new ideas …I just haven’t been blogging about them.

What I am working on that I could blog about (but haven’t yet)

The MOOC and the Faculty Circle

I have accepted an invitation to be a part of a ‘faculty circle’ on distance learning with the Center for Teaching Innovation at Salem State. Those of use who are involved are enrolling in a MOOC together, Coursera’s “Fundamentals of Online Education“. When we meet we’ll discuss our learning in the MOOC and apply that new knowledge to our teaching at Salem State. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? I am very eager to begin.

Being Like Scout Master Ward

image of ed norton in character as Scout Master Ward

Scout Master Ward

In the movie Moonrise Kingdom, Scout Master Ward (Edward Norton) is queried by one of his scouts. “What’s your real job?” Scout Master Ward replies, “Math teacher.” and turns away, only to turn back and say, “I take that back. Scout Master Ward is my real job. Math teacher is something I do on the side.” For me I’m an instructional designer and trainer and I teach on the side. But really I teach all the time. As an instructional designer and trainer at Instructure, I teach people how to use technology at their school, in their courses. At Salem State I teach people how to use technology in their classrooms. So I am both a scout master and a teacher all the time, just like Scout Master Ward (even if he didn’t realize that that is exactly what he is – a teacher, all the time). I am teaching again this spring and very eager to revisit my course with a new group of grad students/learning scouts.

The LMS unSIG and other NERCOMP stuff

I am the social media strategist for, which means I manage their Twitter and Linkedin and other social outlets. I use the tools to spread the word about events and activities within the organization and our region. This fall, I brought in a co-strategist to help manage accounts and that as been great (our Facebook page actually has stuff on it now!). I have also been working with the LMS unSIG planning committee to put together this year’s LMS unconference (Jan 25!). Planning an event is time-consuming. Planning an unconference is even more time-consuming. Finally, I have been in conversation with a few people regarding some extra stuff at NERCOMP Annual Conference in March (Providence RI), so that is still a work in progress.