Gimmie a Wristband

When I was a kid, Duran Duran was my favorite group. I had all their records and all their concert movies on VHS tape. In one of those movies, singer Simon Le Bon is getting ready backstage and jokingly pleads for a wristband in an over dramatic way. “Gimmie a wristband” has been part of my inner dialog ever since.

I consider myself to be a good student. I may show up late for class* but I show up and I participate. I have very high expectations for myself and for others. When I need help I ask for it.

There is a presumed sanctity of the classroom, that it is a safe place for inquiry on any level. It is perfectly OK to say “I don’t know” or ask that a statement or idea be rephrased, repeated and discussed until understood. Learning is incremental. I don’t learn everything in one big chunk. How often have I opened my mouth to ask a question and I realize I know the answer before I have finished asking? Asking a question is part of synthesizing new information.

look at my wristband!

Lately, I find myself asking more questions. I am facing the end of summer semester. I have two projects due in the next four weeks – a 15 page research paper and a literature review. The coursework allows me to dance around potential dissertation topics to dig up and examine materials. At this time, the end of year one, I have piles of materials. I’m surrounded by it. I’m drowning in it. Throw me a lifeline! Gimmie a wristband!!

I was reminded today that I know how to do this. I got this. I can do this. I know the answers to the questions I am asking and I know what to do with the piles of materials. I’m not drowning. But I do need to swim to shore or climb onto a raft to take a breather. I think I get a day off sometime in September. When do fall classes begin?


*I am five minutes late for everything

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