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How now?

Best intentions, it’s fun, I like it, blah blah blah*. I’m a practitioner not a theorist so I tend to do things I’d like to blog about rather than blog about the things I’d like to do.

you've got your nose in a bloody book again? you should be out parading.

you’ve got your nose in a bloody book again? you should be out parading.

I started working toward my doctorate a few weeks ago and the barn doors for qualitative research and institutional evaluation and critical theorizing are wide open. But I’m not there yet. I need to retrain myself to be a student, to get back into the habit of reading, reading, reading and writing, writing, writing. I’m getting closer, though. When I am reading the ideas for research projects are bouncing around my head and I’m becoming excitedly anxious about an assignment where I can go out and do this stuff I have been reading about. Because I’m a practitioner, not a theorist.

I need Indigo to tell me if it means what I think it means.

When we met during orientation, my classmates and I talked about why we chose the program and what we hope to gain during the experience. We discussed, with a faculty member (a PhD) the perception of the EdD versus the PhD in the job market and the perception of faculty toward administrators. We talked about the realities of the workload and the payoff in the long run.  Half of my cohort proposed that promotion is the primary purpose for pursuing the doctorate. The rest of us are doing it for personal gratification and personal interest. It is an interesting mix of people and easy to understand reasons for being part of the program and I am curious to see how many of us remain the end and if our purpose persists.

Thus ends the poetic portion of this post.

Looking ahead at the next few weeks: School, work, family weekend, work, school, travel, SLC, conference, school, work, (repeat).

I am balancing the work/school thing pretty well, I think. I read for 3 hours in the morning, after husband leaves for work and before I start my day. Being a two-hour time difference away from the main office really helps. I work until dinner time, then alternate after-dinner hours with TV time and more work or homework. Jesse Pinkman gets a night, and the producers and on air talent at The Newsroom get another night. I have residency weekends twice per month, so that means being away from home and on campus and in class every other weekend. I have to balance family time and homework time on the off weekends. So far I have been unable to add in friend time, but I hope to figure that part out soon. I think they’ll make me figure it out. They know where I live.  And it is, after all, pumpkin latte and pumpkin muffin season. I don’t know how I found time to run a women’s group, a book group, manage a vegetable garden, have regular coffee dates with friends, work full time and earn my master’s degree. How did I do that?

*blah blah blah inspired by Bethany’s blah blah on “Much Ado” Bethany, who was in my book group, understands.